Why Meetalot is great

Events Planning

Events planning make it easy to explore and connect your available time, people you enjoy, places you admire, and activities you feel up to.

100+ Activities

We have more than 100 ideas of activities to choose from for you and your friends.

Local Atractions

You can host your party at a private place or invite everyone to one of many local attractions.

Invite Everyone

You can send invite to anyone with a smart phone, no matter using that person our app or not.


To keep things secured, your mobile number will be used to authenticate copy of your app or to get an instant access to an invitation in the browser on your smartphone, if you decide not to use an app.

Circle of Trust

Organize contacts into easy to follow groups and limit people you want to stay connected with using Circle of Trust privacy settings. No one outside of your circle of trust will even see you in the app until you both will trust each other.


We respect your privacy. After messages are delivered or events are over, we don’t keep any information about them on our servers. More details on our privacy here.

Battery Life

Our design is optimized to save battery of your phone as well as be easy on your eyes.


Integration with calendar, reminders, sms for authentication, maps for locations, and search for best activities around activities.

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